1. Inept Routes
    Remy Britsemmer

  2. Bleeding ❤
    Remy Britsemmer

  3. Groef
    Remy Britsemmer

  4. Needful Lollygag
    Remy Britsemmer

  5. Someday You'll Be Overrated
    LL Presents

  6. Ding a Song, Sing a Dong
    LL Presents

  7. EP #2
    Heidi Unterpantsch

  8. The Julie Mittens - Soundcult
    The Julie Mittens

  9. PONI vs Glice

  10. John Thak - enable terrace
    John Thak

  11. Phree jazz phor Phree people

  12. Naagauk


  14. Split
    Sindre Bjerga/Tech Riders

  15. LL Presents MIME : TISCH

  16. LL Presents MIME : TISCH II The Dance of Joan Thug

  17. LL Presents: l'ARRve Compilation I 'Cool Fruity Pro2'

  18. LL Presents: L'ARRve Compilation II 'Warm Candy Amateur1'

  19. Fieldrecordings of Lao PDR
    A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm

  20. split travelsunnysamsara/ Hermann Blaupunkt

  21. John Thak - Solid
    John Thak

  22. Kaiserschnee - Fun Times Yeah!

  23. J'Ai Un Âme Solitaire
    Antoine Panaché

  24. The Air is Getting Colder, Summer is Growing Older

  25. Re:Review

  26. A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm - Home, Mutual Friends

  27. LL Presents: Pommes Phrites vol.1

  28. Der Wechsel

  29. Huone

  30. EP #1
    Heidi Unterpantsch

  31. Figuratieve Popmuziek
    Bert Scholten

  32. the Barreuh collection

  33. LL Presents: The Age of Smoke
    LL Presents

  34. Falsetto Love Songs
    Remy Britsemmer

  35. The Depth of Trve Leadership

  36. Happy BarreuHrthday
    BarreuH Records Staff

  37. 60 Seconds Man
    Antoine Panaché

  38. Exchanging Pleasantries
    Remy Britsemmer

  39. Blue EP
    A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm

  40. Desperate Attempts At Finger-Licking Beauty
    Antoine Panaché

  41. split (w/ [V])
    A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm & [V]

  42. LL Presents: Lion S. Heart & The Heisenberg Compensators

  43. LL Presents: Sizzy Fuss & The Dreamin' Stoners

  44. LL Presents: Bedroom Crybaby & The Outsider Wannabes


Barreuh Records Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Founded late 2013, we are a DIY label. We do stuff we like. We don't do stuff we don't like. Quite simple, isn't it?

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